Chives & aphids

sallyforth_vic(VIC Aust)April 19, 2006

Sigh, I just had to throw out my beautiful and (previously) thriving chives and garlic chives due to a massive aphid infestation. I should have nipped it in the bud earlier, but was flat out with work & study, and kept thinking 'I'll do it later'. Anyway, by the time 'later' arrived, the chives were smothered by aphids and beyond help. Well, I suppose I could have tried cutting them right back, but to be honest, the quantities of aphids were so awful I just threw the lot in the bin. It was a real shame, as I have been nurturing those chives for 4 years, and this was the best & healthiest year ever.

Well, I will start a new batch this year. If aphids appear again, would pyrethrum be okay (on an edible herb) or should I use other methods?

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Try to be grateful! The chives were only doing their job. They ATTRACT aphids away from other plants, like roses.

No need to get rid of the chives. Get rid of the aphids instead:

Mix together 1 teaspoon Condy's crystals, 1 tablespoon Epsom salts and 1 bucket water, and use to spray plants regularly. Once a week, tip a few cups of the mixture around the base of the plant. Discontinue once the aphids have gone.
Place sheets of shiny aluminium foil around the base of a plant  it will reflect the sunlight and deter aphids by Âblinding them.
Trap aphids in a bowl of detergent containing a few drops of yellow food colouring in it. Aphids are attracted to yellow, and they will land in the dish and drown.

Or simply give them a blast with the hose.

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I have never had chives attract aphids.
The only thing that ever attacked them were thrips
(They look like little black aphids)
Place a chive over a rose infested with aphis(green) and the aphis will go away

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Smother the b*st*rds with pyrethrum, when they're dead wash them all off. If nothing's resurrectable cut them right back almost to the ground. They'll recover well. Ditto with shallots.

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I too have only ever seen thrips attack Chives (They look like little black aphids).
You could have just washed them off.

Chives planted near roses will help repel ants which in turn farm the green aphid.
If you place a chive leaf over a rose with aphids the aphids will disappear. (The ants take them somewhere else?)
You will always get some aphid attack early in Spring (and late in Autumn) as the lady-birds have not yet emerged.
If you get rid of your aphids the lady-birds will have nothing to eat.
Ladybirds also have a "homing" instinct so will keep coming to your garden if you feed them.

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Likewise, I've been having problems with aphids on my basil, parsely, oregano and thyme planted in one pot. I have washed them off with water spray, and did it with soap water solution as well. But they are just temporary. They keep coming back, and have exhausted my herbs from being overly watered due to wash off. I am looking for a good remedy that will keep aphids away for good.

Here's what I found out based on my research:
1. High nitrogen feeding attracts aphids
2. Control ants infestation to deter aphids away. Ants and aphids have symbiotic relationships. Ants protects aphids from predators, as they feed on aphids' butt.

Check this out too. This will help you get rid off aphids in so many ways.

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