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Steak — not thick enough

11 days ago
last modified: 11 days ago

DH picked up some steaks. We had worked in the gardens and yard and I wanted a distraction after the recent messy news events. We are decent cooks and usually make our own means for many reasons.

I’d looked online and found restaurant prices crazy high — $17 for an only so so Chinese takeout.

I suggested he get some steaks. He got a couple of Delmonico steaks — yikes, $23 (1.43 Lbs, at $16/Lb) and less than an inch thick.

I do not often buy steaks, but I am wondering is most a erage grocery store only sell upper end steaks that are an inch or less thick. If I want thicker steaks, do I need to go to a butcher? Iused to like readily available ”London Broil” about 2” or 2.5” thick. Now, at the family oriented grocery store, all the LB sorts of steaks are about 1” thick at the most. That’s no fun.

I placed ghe in a glass pan with a thin coating of oil and a bit of freshly pressed garlic and freshly ground coarse black pepper.

I usually have good luck pan frying ho hum sirloin, medium rare. That is a much less expensive cut of beef. Suddenly, at $23 just for two small thin steaks, I am going to break into a sweat. Lobster at $10/Lb seems like peanut butter iceberg lettuce. Is it worth even heating up a gas grill or wood coal fire to cook these things?

I like steak, but seldom make it, tending instead to make chicken or stir fries with a lot of vegetables and some protein.

Any steak lovers? What do you do?

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