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rubber cutting boards

29 days ago
last modified: 29 days ago

After using them for several months, I just bought another rubber cutting board so I figure I’m confident enough in my opinion to share how much I like these.

The bottom one pictured is still in wrap. The top two were cut from one of the same size. I’ll be cutting up the new one, just have to decide how.

As you see, they do seem to discolor in the dishwasher. The top one has been used by far the most. But the few times they’ve taken on a food stain, they’ve pretty much scrubbed right off. They don't get cut up from my chopping and slicing, at all. They don’t seem to dull my knives. They don’t carry odors after washing.

The knife feel is a little odd at first, no big deal but if I have to give them a ding, this is it. And of course they’re not stay-on-the-counter pretty like my teak one.

Overall I find them a lot more forgiving, and (seemingly, hopefully) hygienic than any of the polyethylene, paper/glue based, or wooden boards I’ve used in the past. Highly recommended.

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