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ABC-News reports that Massachusetts had a statewide 911 outage 6-18

last month
last modified: last month

According to ABC News, Massachusetts had a statewide 911 outage for a good part of the day. No reason was given. Who knows if people will ever know what happened.

I typed this all out, but something happened to it and it went into nothingness, so I have to remember to enter and type stuff into a notepad before trying to submit it via the garden web or Houzz.

Authorities were advising people to directly dial police or fire service, but I don’t imagine many people have those phone numbers readily available. If you have ever needed to dial for serious help in an emergency, you might recall the way an adrenaline surge can stymie your dialing and thinking. ((Before the local and state police and fire department phone number became unlisted, I wrote them down in my phone and address books. Even if you are in one city, and dial another state police barracks, they will relay your message. I have had to do this. So, heads up.

I wonder if it was one of those convicts or fans trying to wipe out the “administrative state.”

I wonder if people will ever be given a reason that is acceptable. Or will people be told that a chipmunk in Springfield chewed on a wire. Or that some lineman spilled his latte.

I hope nobody was harmed by the hours-long inexplicable outage. I don’t think it was because of the heat because it actually has not been that hot in New England, except for a few places in the Merrimack Valley of New Hampshire.

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