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Update on recovery

Since I had some ”hellos” in another thread, I thought I’d stop by to say HI. Thank you all for thinking about me; it’s humbling.

I’m doing okay though fatigued by the constant struggle. I still consider myself hugely fortunate. My right side remains weak and mostly useless but improving! I walk short distances with a walker and never without someone on guard. I’m a huge fall risk as my balance is not safe.

frustrating for me is my loss of reasoning, thinking skills, concentration, memory, deduction, logic….all the fun stuff. I am not interested in things I used to be and can’t hold a discussion on track. But weird things strike me funny and I will often have everyone around me in stitches!

One result of the stroke has been incontinence of the bladder. That has been a fun time and a real eye opener. My husband has been a trooper about the whole thing and makes it as easy on me as humanly possible. It’s one of the things we giggle about every day.

I don’t think I shared with you all that a few days after I got home, our precious cat Paco died. Unknown reason, it was sudden. But he was very old and had a heart murmur. I can’t help but think that he was waiting for me to come home. He must have been so upset at seeing me carted away by a bunch of strangers to disappear for a month. I’ve been seeing him in the corner of my ever since.

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