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Tips for choosing best white window shade color

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Hello, does anyone have any tips for choosing the best shade/tone/hue of white cellular window shades to look good with white window trim? Any success or disaster stories? Warnings?

My aim is for the shade color to come as close as possible to the window trim color, or at least not look awful with it. I have tons of samples, however, depending on the angle, the time of day, natural or artificial light, my distance from the shade, whether I look with one eye or two, etc. what looks best changes quite dramatically. Given all the potential variations, it won't do any good for me to post photos, I'd need to post dozens and with the difference in monitors, accuracy would be doubtful. I'd just like some practical tips on how to narrow down to the best options.

I have googled the topic but all the articles are overly vague.

And yes, I know cellular shades are boring but they suit my needs so no need to suggest a better style of window coverings :) Thank you!

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