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Help! Kestrel white in my kitchen shows pink in the afternoon.

last month

We recently had our entire interior painted Kestrel White. It is beautiful EXCEPT for one corner of the kitchen where it looks pink every afternoon. It is awful! Questions for the experts in the group:

1. What color can I paint on the kitchen walls that complements Kestrel White but does not go pink in the afternoon?

2. Once painted what color should the cabinets be painted?

Again, both colors (kitchen wall and kitchen cabinets) need to coordinate with the rest of the house in Kestral White. I cannot afford to repaint the whole house but will repaint the kitchen and cabinets so send me your recommendations. I would be so grateful for any and all advice.

Top Photo: Kestrel White on walls in!!!!!

Bottom: Kestrel White on walls morning and evening.

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