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Windows too close to floor

last month

I had a modular home delivered today. The windows are incorrectly set at only 13" off the floor. I ordered taller windows that should've been set higher than the door jambs. The factory incorrectly set them all to line up with the top of door frame. I understand why they did it but it wasn't what the designer(builder employee) and I had decided on. They will need to replace all with tempered glass at a minimum. The builder says raising the windows is not an option at this time since the continuous header is set at the existing height. He is willing to make the windows smaller so they come up off the floor by another 6 inches or so or leave them and figure out another solution. I'm looking for the best option for leaving the windows and decorating accordingly. I need plenty of light which is why I ordered the larger taller windows. Suggestions appreciated. Criticism can be saved for another day. I am already upset enough. Thank you!

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