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Is kitchen vent too close to bedroom window?

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I saw the vent cap for our kitchen hood in the gable of the porch roof weeks ago and made a mental note that it looked awful from my daughters bedroom window, but it had to go somewhere. Then, at midnight last night it occurred to me that whatever gets vented from the kitchen is going to go straight into her room if she has he windows open. Needless to say, I couldn't sleep after that.

Background. Our back porch spans the width of the house and instead of having a shed roof (which I wanted) it has a pair of gables, which would give the back of the house a lovely perspective if our yard weren't only 16 feet deep! LOL! Total waste of money and wrecks the view from the upper back windows and porch (can't see the garden) but DH loved the detail so it stayed. Anyway, the range hood is on the back wall and the duct work runs through one of these gables and out the top. It's not only unattractive but I think it's close enough to the window that the smells will be a bothersome. I'm meeting with the builder and HVAC guy tomorrow to decide what to do. Could you take at the pics below and tell me if you think we have a problem here? Thanks!

You can barely see it to the far right on the roofline.

Zoomed in you can just see the top of the vent cover

You can see how close it is to the window on the left.

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