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I adopted a puppy, then they wanted it back! It's cute! I'm Venting..

last month
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I answered an ad on CL for a free female 6 month old Shitzu. They said they had no time for her. I go over to pick her up and the 14 year old daughter starts crying a river of tears, it's her dog. The story was the parents BOTH work, the daughter is in school, the dog sits in a crate ALL day. It's fur is matted. It's dirty. It scratches it's ear a LOT, then just scratches/itchy skin, chews the hair between it's toes. Hasn't had it's first shots or been spade. NOT house trained. Looks a year old to me....mother says...well....yes. It's afraid to come near me and growls. I sit with it for 15 minutes, the daughter loads it in my car. Then on my way home my phone lights up. Say they're on their way over to my house to pick the dog up. The daughter can't let it go. I sent tons of photos letting them know the dog is fine. I clipped the matted fur, toe hair ....gave it a Burts Bee's Organic oatmeal more scratching. Smelled tons better. A little gassy. It's super happy with ALL the attention and sweet talk I'm giving it. Then the texts start up....we're having a hard time without MY BABY. I send photos, they ask if my cats have attacked it..why does it's eye look red. What happened? Yada...yada...yada. I tell them I walked the cat AND dog outdoors together. They're doing GREAT! Sent about 40 more photos. They keep whinning...I felt harrassed. I brought the dog back to them....rang the bell...locked the gate....walked away. Blocked them. I'm NOT spending tons of money on it...getting attached then they come pick the dog it was on loan. Felt like they were going to take him back whenever they felt like it....not rehoming a dog! It was sooooooooooo cute and cuddly...named Polerna. I "might" break my own rules, contact a breeder and just buy one. Thinking about it...

Shitzu name Polerna. Still damp, just out of his bath.

Aspen the cat walks on a halter & leash....they did well together outdoors.

Ivan the cat & Polerna.

Aspen & Polerna.

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