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Adding crushed granite to existing rock pathways?

last month

I have several very “ rustic” pathways original to my home, where what looks like “river rock “ was probably used ( bigger than pea gravel, somewhat varying sizes) .

One is just the rocks, over packed earth, still very functional but could use “ refreshing “. A year or so ago I added another bag of rock but overall don’t like how those function underfoot.

Another is slightly sloped pathway that had large step tones in it; also worked fairly well because again, only a few weeds due to compacted rocks around stepstones. It also beeded “ refreshing “ in some way. BUT a work crew decided to toss aside the stepstones & run a skid loader over the path, mixing soil & rocks, had to sort of re-level & re-place step stones. I’d really line the interlocking features of decomposed granite or crusher run or whatever product like that that I can find. Given that these are “ rustic”, and okay not to look completely homogeneous or Insta- perfect, would it work to add some of the crushed granite material onto the existing but now skimpy river rock/ soil surface? To sort of pack into the spaces? Also note that it’s very hard to get materials to these parts of my property as they’re in back yard reached by steep-ish stairs. So no driving my pickup back there. There is a way to trundle a wheelbarrow through an adjacent sloped lot, or I divide bags of heavier stuff into trug loads.

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