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Thoughts in Pennsylvania sedge

last month

For the first time I found Pennsylvania sedge at a local nursery. Most sedges in local nurseries are the more ornamental types.

I’ve been wanting to add some sedges either as part of “ matrix” planting or in some swaths or groupings to replace some weedy areas, or just another type of informal edging perennial. I need some drought resistance to get through summers here. I’ve tried some ivory sedge ( in shady area) and prairie dropseed in sun ( I know they’re different!) , which I got by mail, and it’s just a year out, some came back but not definitely happy yet, as in some difficult soil, sloped but might be too heavy.

I have a yard that has a lot of rough or wild-ish areas, with shade or part shade from both direct tree canopy and part- day shade from neighboring trees. Soil is mostly a mess! But actually kind of variable, which I think is due to some areas being filled with at least a kind of topsoil-adjacent dirt when house built many years ago, & other areas that are very rocky ( very high # of small rocks per unit of soil) and sloped and of course rooty near trees.

In the areas I discovered had more workable soil, including working in some compost for better drainage while trying not to make it too rich, I’ve managed to make a few zones for native perennials & some shrubs, both sun & shade.

I’m wondering if Pennsylvania sedge would work in some areas , and if so, what would be best areas, how much preparation. I tend to do sort of a manageable zone, and expand it over time. I’ll never have “ sandy loam”, though! I admit this might be my finding a currently available plant and wanting to make it fit , in when I may not have the right conditions. Some other sedges that seem more appropriate for hot humid summers also seem to require wetter conditions. I have read a lot of what comes up in searches, but was hoping to get some insight from HOUZZ gardeners who’ve grown it, or killed it.

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