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Help with bathroom and closet layout

last month

Hello! Our house is a fairly traditional 1950's ranch. At some point, a previous owner turned a bedroom into the master bath. Unfortunately, they laid it out very poorly. Also, the house is terribly short on closet space.

I was considering doing a bathroom remodel/refresh, where i did not move much of the plumbing, and try to add a closet. I have heard not moving plumbing would be a huge savings.

Pamela's Ideas · More Info

Pamela's Ideas · More Info

I do not need the bathtub, and it is just sitting there unused and in the way. The windows are also an issue, but i do not want to remove them, as the house is painted brick and i do not want to paint it.

My first thoughts were to remove the tub, and put a 30" deep reach in closet extending from the shower to outside wall (the wall that is shared with the other bedroom, used purple to show) and then put some floor to ceiling cabinets on the front side of the shower, where there is that blank space when you walk in (used red to show). Then of course, add a double vanity. Possibly curve it around then have it drop a bit for under window. Maybe put a makeup seat in that.

If anyone has any other ideas, i would love to hear them!!!

Thank you!!

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