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Saroyan Lumber and hard woods

last month

I don't even know where to begin. This has been the worst experience of my life. We spent months picking out the right flooring company to work with. After several conversations and samples and lies from Saroyan, we trusted our sales rep, who was a family friend and who we trusted as a professional. We were not living in our house at the time. We were told saroyan sells wood and doesn't install. We had our GC install the light rustic oak floors we ordered based on the samples and photos in the information we were sent. When I arrived at the house and the flooring had been half installed I knew it wasn't right or what we had ordered. They had sent us rustic/cabin grade wood and we were charged for light rustic. Every invoice and communication we had with our trusted sales rep, Jim Powers, stated light rustic. Until the last invoice. Saroyan sent us wood that should have never left the mill. We were told to finish our floors on site, seemed weird to me but Saroyan said this was the best way to achieve a custom finish. When I saw the floors and all the irregularities and marks like I have never seen before, I knew something wasn't right. We were assured by our trusted sales rep, and his referrals for finishing that all these marks "would go away" after we spent more money finishing the floors. Here is a picture of the flooring we purchased. We were also offered a "cash discount" so Saroyan would be able to avoid paying sales tax. Six months later and many inspections from NFA association inspectors, other hardwood floor companies and a another referral from Saroyan said "we would've never let this leave the mill" No phone calls back being dragged around and lied to and finally today we are told there is nothing they are willing to do. They switched our invoice at the date of shipping to rustic cabin wood that is industrial grade and now they aren't willing to do anything about it. As new homeowners and people who know nothing about wood flooring we trusted we would get what we spent months waiting for, picking out and saving for. This company and Jim Powers stole from us and switched our wood out for something that should've been thrown out. They also stole money and are guilty of tax evasion. Do your homework and make sure you are onsite when you order floors. This is so emotional and so sad. Our 3 million dollar house is completely ruined and the company gave us the incorrect product and strung us along for six months.