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Roof + painting MCM Ranch

Hi all,

We are doing some home renovations and we need a new roof along and need to paint the siding on our home. We do not wish to paint the brick. We want to keep with the MCM type theme and we both really love the atomic era.

My question is, what color roof and what would you paint the exterior or the house?? The brick is a warm-neutral. Yellows and oranges but nothing super saturated. It makes it hard.

We are doing a metal roof, not shingles. So it’ll all be one color. There are a couple of textured options but I don’t know if we should go lighter for the roof or darker for the roof. I kinda liked the taupe and we both kinda liked the textured charcoal but idk if the charcoal would lean too cool. I also liked a deep burgundy but feel it wouldn’t work with the general vibe we are going for.


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