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Uneven grout depths on floor tiles

last month

Would appreciate everyone’s input here, especially from pros and people familiar with the issue described here.

On a recent walk-through of our apartment renovation, I noticed that the grout depths on our porcelain tile floor are uneven at multiple spots (in living areas, bedrooms, and perhaps bathrooms too).

I am including 4 photos here. First set of 3 are the original photos. And 1 photo, where I mark off what I consider to be okay grout depth (blue) and the problematic one (red). The tiles have been laid for about 6 months already.

So my questions are:

  1. Is this a problem or am I being too picky?
  2. If this is an issue, is this something that needs fixing?
  3. How easy is it to fix? What’s the right way of fixing?
  4. Given this wasn’t “done right the first time,” will the fix be as good as it were done right originally?
  5. Is this a problem that should have been spotted by my interior decorator much earlier or the tilers themselves?

The photos were taken about a foot away from the tiles. The variations in grout depths are probably around 1-3 MM, enough to show up in the photos.

Thank you!

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