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Are the Marvin Essential casements cleanable from the interior?

last month

I have a quote for the Essential casement windows and some Elevate doors but couldn’t find anyone locally with an actual model. I drove yesterday about 1.5 hrs to see a model and was surprised to find the hinge didn’t slide over upon opening enough to allow exterior cleaning from the inside between the frame and edge of the window. The model was labeled Integrity which to my understanding is the exact same line rebranded, correct?
I was hoping the display had some sort of egress hinge but the sales rep did not think so and said that was a downfall of this line. I really think this might be a deal breaker for me and she said Elevate windows would be the exact same way. Do you really have to upgrade to Signature to be able to fit your arm through? Obviously wash mode on the higher model would be ideal but those are way out of budget. Hoping other with experience can chime in if I saw an old model or am missing something.

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