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Rheem Central AC keeps freezing up

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I have a Rheem central air unit in my house, and last summer I always had issues with the coil always freezing up for some reason. My mom's boyfriend has an hvac company he runs and we are just seeking advice from others on what it could be as far as the issue. We changed out the blower motor, and it is fully charged up on refrigerant. It also does not blow very cold like it used to, it definitely could be stronger cold air coming out. We were thinking maybe the coil itself is bad, but I'm not the expert in this. Not sure what else to check on this unit, just figured I'd come to here to see if there's something I could help mom's bf out with on this issue. The model for my unit is RCFL-HM4821CC. Will attach pictures of the stickers on the unit.

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