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Raised garden beds in winter months? 5b

3 months ago

Hi! I’m in New England, 5b. I’d like to put a couple raised beds in my front yard, mostly for my dahlias and maybe tomatoes. My concern is that the front yard is very visible, it’s just outside our living room window and my eye tends to look out that window constantly throughout the day. It’s also visible from the street, though we only get a couple people walking by each day (very rural). This is the only area we have that gets adequate sunlight for a garden.

We have a rather long winter. I think I dug up my dahlias in November last year and won’t put them back out til May. My concern is that the raised garden beds will look sad and empty all winter. What do others think? Anyone have raised beds in a very visible spot on their property? Is there a way to make them pretty through the winter months? Or do you not even notice after awhile?

I love the look of the rusted steel beds, though will likely end up with wood due to cost.

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