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Roses for shade and pots Zone 6a

Clara D
2 months ago

Hello! I am new to gardening and see that users of this website are very knowledgable about roses, i was hoping you can give me some advice.

I live in a northwest subrub of Chicago, zone 6a.

I have ordered 21 roses to plant this spring, mostly from David Austin, but some from Jackson&Perkins, and one from Heirloom roses. My house is a corner house facing south and east. Most areas are in the sun, but I am worried that once the trees start getting their leaves they're going to create some shade in the area. I have 2 big landscape islands that get full sun, so I would like to plant roses there that %100 require it to thrive. I have attached photos of my house what we took during some construction, they may help.

finally, my questions:

1. Which roses would do best in part shade?

2. Which roses would do best potted?

3. What pot size do you recommend? (DA sugests at least 17x17inches, so thats what I've been aming for)

The bareroot roses i have coming:

1. Zephrine Drouhin Climbing (j&p)

2. pretty in pink eden climbing (j&p)

3. Oxford girl climbing (j&p)

4. like no other floribunda rose (j&p)

5. scepter’d isle (DA)

6. Olivia rose austin (DA)

7. Gettrude Jekyll (DA)

8. the alnwick rose (DA)

9. The generous gardener (DA)

10. james galway climbing (DA)

11. emily brontë (DA)

12. St. Swithun climbing (DA)

13. silas marner (DA)

14. the lark ascending (DA)

15. lady of shallot shrub rose (DA)

16. eustacia vye (DA)

17. Roald Dahl (DA)

18. claire austin climbing (DA)

19. koko loko (heriloom roses)

20. crown princess margareta climbing (DA)

21. lady of shallot climbing (DA)

(20 & 21 I am planting on a trellis/arch over my grandfathers tombstone- they're bound to get some shade due to the surrounding trees, so i am keeping my fingers crossed)

…lastly any other tips and tricks for beginner rose gardeners would be greatly appreciated! we have a bunch of knockout roses now, but a majority of them have blackspot and theyre not my favorite. Thank you!!

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