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Handling Big Pots?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I love big pots of hosta. However, they are heavy to move and very difficult to turn out to refresh the medium, when needed.

I think I saw somewhere that you could put something in the bottom of the big pot to take up space like pop bottles, styrofoam blocks, etc. - that hosta doesn't need a deep pot. Did I imagine that? (I have to move my pots around as the sun position as my shade changes over the summer.)

The reason I ask is that I let my favorite hosta, So Sweet, get too crowded and weakened before I broke it up (it got a fairy ring). Now, I want another pot or two that look as good as that one did. I reallize it will take a couple of years or more, as I'm starting with little plants. However, I don't want 10 little pots of So Sweet, (The huge pot with small plants is more difficult to regulate the moisture in, I think.)

This is what I'm going for.

Any suggestions?


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