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Exterior door color and porch ceiling color

Susan W
last month
last modified: last month

OK paint gurus - help a girl out.

I’ve chosen Sherwin Williams Billowy Breeze (SW9055) for the exterior doors of our house - front, back, and pool house. I’m pretty committed to it.

We’re also going to be painting the small (4’ x 4’ish) front porch ceiling and the good-sized (10’ x 24’ish) pool house porch ceiling with this color. I was advised that I should consider doing the color at 50% on the ceilings - so that it doesn’t “compete” with the respective door.

I did go to the Sherwin Williams store and have a sample quart mixed at 50% to see if I liked it and honestly, I really don’t. I love the original shade so much and I feel the lighter version just doesn’t look as good. A little too baby blue for me I guess.

I’d also add that the small front porch ceiling cannot be seen from any angle other than when you are standing right on the (barely there) front porch itself - I’m really not as concerned with that. The pool house porch ceiling will have 2 ceiling fans on it that should help to break it up a little bit but because of its size it's much more "out there."

So my question is, is there some sort of rule about painting a ceiling the same color as a door right under it? My gut says to paint it all the same exact shade of blue that I love. Am I overthinking this?

Here are some doors I found online painted with Billowy Breeze:

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