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Help with paint colors for exterior 1990's house with brown roof

3 days ago

Okay, so we are thinking painting this gem a navy blue and staining the brick to match. Yes, Staining the brick a navy blue! We have narrowed it down to I think Sherwin Williams Naval for the body and an off white for the trim and SW quiet coral for the front door. There is not much trim on the house or much detail so I feel the color is the only interesting thing we can do to this house. I am not crazy about the brick color as it is limiting me to color choices I don't like (not interested in tans, beige, greys or whites) which is why we are considering staining it navy blue OR a brick red. So I have a few questions 1) if anyone has any intersting alternatives to what we are thinking I would love to hear it. 2) Should I paint the eaves a white along with the trim (off white really) or should I paint the eaves the same color as the body of the house? Thoughts on that? You can see them when walking on the sidewalk etc. right now they are the body color but not sure it would make a difference. 3.) Anyone think Naval By Sherwin williams is too dark for the roof (sorry, I don't know how to get a chip of Naval on here? (also please NO comments on landscaping. Weare going to do that but haven't gotten to it. Thanks!!)


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