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To Shutter or not to shutter?

last month

I want to preface this by saying that I know the “rules” around shutters and that aesthetically, most houses should not have them. I own a 1970’s colonial style house. We are gearing up to paint the siding (aluminum) and replace all the windows upstairs (for now) and I am very torn on whether to remove the shutters.

The biggest issue is that previous owners put an addition on the back of the house. One of these windows I physically cannot shutter on the one side because of this. To not shutter the whole house due to this window seems ridiculous, but so does not shuttering one side of the window haha! It definitely looked dumb. I could fit a thick trim around it though.

I know that removing shutters really modernizes the house but I do like the traditional look of the shutters. I guess I just have a hard time letting go?

First pic is my house. The second pic is the house I am using for the inspiration for mine. NOTE: I AM NOT LOOKING FOR OPINIONS ON ANYTHING ELSE! Just the shutters.

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