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Mid century not modern bathroom remodel: floor tile decisions

4 days ago
last modified: 2 days ago

We are remodeling both of our bathrooms in our mid-century (but not modern) home in Northern CA.

Our master bath is a complete overhaul, making a large walk in shower (currently has a small closet sized shower) and will use this super cool tile from Bedrosians on the main shower wall, with a dark bronze tile floor and wooden vanity color that is close to the shower tile color.

For our hall bath (otherwise known as "my bathroom") I am having analysis paralysis re: what floor tile to use. This hall/guest bathroom has a tub/shower combo and 66" single sink vanity and toilet (pic attached).

I'm using a basic rectangular white tile for the tub surround (without the sliding glass door). I've gone back and forth with my designer friends (god bless them for trying to help me) on if I should use charcoal hex tile or other color for the floor with a white vanity. I did not find a lot of options out there for hex... not that it has to be a hex tile.

The photo shows the hallway floors that will touch the bathroom floor tile, with a sample charcoal hex tile and the white tub surround tile. One designer hates dark floors and thinks they will show every water mark and hair on the floor (I'm a shedder), and the other designer friend thinks the idea is fine.

We are not staying in this home forever, so I want to gear my decision towards appealing for resale. I don't want to be boring, but I want it to be safe, and pretty, of course. Bathroom remodels in this area cost a fortune. I want it to look like a nice remodel to compliment the period of the home, but modernized. I'm trying to stay away from marble floors due to the price/sq ft and complaints that I hear re: upkeep. I'm also trying to not select gray tones because everyone uses gray.

I appreciate any suggestions!

UPDATE: Thanks for your input everyone! I'm switching gears and going with a lighter colored tile and white vanity, for a clean spa look with the hex, Bianco colored tile. I truly appreciated your honest feedback on the charcoal floors and stopping me from making a big mistake! Cheers!

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