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Easy rose combinations for TX hill country

last month

I am replanting 2 raised rose beds in the hill country and need help with rose combinations. When I started with these beds, they were already filled with red double knockouts. This was a great intro to roses. However, 11 years later, I've given them all away and ready to start over with Noisettes, Chinas, Teas.

After combing the forum, I've come up with a list of roses that might work (feel free to make any suggestions). My initial thought was to create a foundation of mostly medium-large bushes/shrubs, that require little maintenance, are disease resistant, and perpetual bloomers. Then sprinkle other roses in between? Just a thought.

What I can't figure out is which roses would work well together. Can you give me your suggestions on what to plant where?

Thank you for any help you can offer!

Rose Combinations

Zone 8: Central TX/Hill Country

Front Bed (main focus)- Full Sun, 6’ x 42’ (adjoining archway has wisteria)

Back Bed- Sun/Shade after 3pm, 6’ x 27’

Objectives: need easy rose combinations for each bed.

Colors: soft pinks, pale yellows & apricots, creams, and whites. But, I’m open to any suggestions.


  • Mrs. B. R. Cant
  • Adam
  • Darlow's Enigma
  • Ducher
  • Madame Antoine Mari
  • Belinda’s Blush


  • Perle d'or
  • Mrs. Dudley Cross
  • Duchess de Brabant
  • Star of the Republic
  • Mademoiselle Franziska Kruger

Dappled Shade

  • Darlow's Enigma
  • Duchess de Brabant
  • Star of the Republic
  • Mademoiselle Franziska Kruger


Marie Daly

Bliss Parfuma

Marie Pavie

Cream Veranda

Le Vesue


Buff Beauty

Cecile Brunner

Old photos of area (Front bed pictures. 2nd bed is directly behind it.). Instead of 2 smaller roses per row, I'm thinking of 1 large down the center? Or alternating 1 large, 2 med?

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