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How do I engineer a roof?

Tim Yodigy
last month
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Hey all, Im Tim and I am attempting to design a small home for my wife and I. We recently purchased raw property in SE Missouri. We are currently living in a shed(?) that I built summer of '23. I am not a carpenter by any means and have very few tools for this kind of work.Anywho to the point. I am gonna attempt to build a slightly larger building, 20x20 with a 12x16 mud room. No slab or concrete. Impossible to get a truck here. Cost to have excavation work is astronomical due to terrain. Thats fine, im going to build pillars out of block with 6x6 beams on top. No water or electric inside the building. Then build from there. I feel confident in my design. Up to the roof. I dont have the slightest idea where to begin. I cant pickup trusses. How can i design this roof in a way that i take individual boards up and attach?Any and all help is appreciated.

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