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Alfalfa Pellets - don't want more salad this year

I began the season by adding some compost/manure (Soil3) and some alfalfa pellets mixed into the compost. I am now ready to add the annual regular fertilizer due the beginning of the season, such as Rosetone, Costco granules for roses or MG 20-20-20 liquid - but I am afraid I will end up with too much N and a salad, like I did last year - given the alfalfa pellets.

In 2023 I used them later in the season, after the first flush, and then a few giant canes grew from the base (which was nice) but they only produced lots of foliage, no more blooms.

What fertilizer would you recommend that I use now in the beginning of the season, after I added the alfalfa pellets? Or should I only add some bone meal now?

I just want to avoid the Salad Syndrome the alfalfa seems to produce.

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