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stone quandary

Harry Gamble
last month

This new stone entrance to my front at the bottom of my steps was installed when we were out of town, and it’s my fault bc I hastily picked the stone color through photos, but it doesn’t match the bricks. It matches the rest of the house nicely, but not the bricks. The bricks are deep red/purplish, and the stone are a light rusty orange. I could leave it as is, paint the steps, or redo the area with new stones. None of those seem like great options. It would obviously be costly to redo it. Painting the bricks I guess is an option, but the same brick is on the lower 1/4 of the house. (The remainder of house is hardi plank and is a creme color that matches the stone). So would have to do a lot of painting. Or do nothing, but we’re not thinking it looks good now. I would love to hear any comments/suggestions, thank you!

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