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Why tiktok has gotten so popular over the years

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So, there have been a lot of concerns (just watch the news and you'll see what I mean) over the growing popularity of tiktok in recent years, but why exactly is it so popular in the first place? I can't say for certain, but I've got a theory. When you go on other social media sites (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc), they ALL ask you to log in, but you can view EVERYTHING on tiktok (as long as it's not private of course) regardless of whether you have an account or not. How many social media sites can you name (other than tiktok of course) where you are able to browse the content without being forced to log in? The whole point of social media is to get views on your content, and the more people are restricted from viewing your content the less inclined you are to post, so naturally people will flock to a platform where they can get lots of views.

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