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Is it a problem that a door installer cut out most of the trimmer stud

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

My contractor cut the stud around the rough opening very aggressively to squeeze a wider door in, and I wonder how bad the damage is to the structure and what the consequences are.

Here are the details. My old door was 64” wide, but the new door ordered by the contractor mistakenly is 68”. Rather than replacing it with the correct width, he simply cut the stud around the rough opening and the jamb to make some room. I suppose there were two 2”x4” studs on each side of the rough opening, and he almost removed one completely from each side. He also cut the jamb and the head of the door. Even with these cuttings, the door still could not fit in easily, thus he hammered it in as much as possible, but not completely. The brickmould of the door is not snug against the sheathing.

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