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landscaping SOS

2 months ago

This is my first time seeking help online, so please forgive any missteps. I’m struggling with my front and back yard at our home house in Houston, Texas, hardiness zone 9. There is no need for a particular function except aesthetics and switching to deficient maintenance and water use with a curb appeal that can stand out with colors. Houston is getting more freeze sessions now, and all the plants are dying, even if it lasts only two days. So my priorities are:
-drought and weather-tolerant landscaping
-low maintenance and water use
-maybe switching to no lawn alternatives in the future but have a beginning now? However, I’m on a budget, and expensive pavers or stones are not the first option.
-lemon or olive tree is a must (mind you the t I have a tree trunk that I don’t know what to do with)

P.S.: I hate the curb to my front door, but I can’t do anything about it. Also, the queen dog has to approve everything even though she hates going outside :-))
I really appreciate any help you can provide.

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