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Any expert Pruners here? Pruning advice?

It's that time of year again, trying to get some pruning done while shrubs are dormant. But I get confused about when to prune Evergreens, I think I am supposed to wait until they are actively growing, is that right?

I have a small Taxus that I want to encourage to fill in well proportioned and it is a little lopsided. I should have taken a better photo from the back where the main trunk is visible. The main trunk is all the way over on the lower right and all that growth is short. All the growth on the left is a side branch. I was hoping not to have to cut down the left side to match the right side. Any chance I should leave it alone until it gets larger before pruning it? I bought it by mail and didn't choose it.

And I have two Blue Hollies that need pruning. If I remember right I should prune these in the early summer, right after they bloom, is that right? These two shrubs are lanky, mainly because they are growing close to mature Maples and get a lot of shade and root competition. Especially this first one... This has been in place a long time and it barely grows from one year to the next. I want to move it out of the shade into more sun away from the tree and prune it in a way that it fills in densely. Maybe there's a YouTube Video that illustrates the best way to prune a Holly? And can I move it and prune it at the same time, or should I move it in early spring and prune it after it flowers?


This second one is also near a tree but it does get more light and it grows more, but the branches are long wtih a lot of the growth at the tips and it doesn't have a lot of interior growth. I'd like to prune it so it will fill in more densely and I am not planning on moving it, so I have to do the best I can with it where it is. It gets late afternoon sun.

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