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Need Advice for Rough Sawn Wood Staining Project

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I recently stained a piece of barn aged rough sawn pine using Minwax Weathered Oak. The lighter parts of the wood turned out nice, but the darker grey parts are almost black now and generally it looks too dark. The wood was so porous it soaked up that stain really fast. I have not put a finishing coat on yet, as I'm wondering if there's another stain or product I could put on top to lighten the wood a bit? Sanding isn't an option as I want to maintain the rough sawn finish and I doubt it would help as the color is in deep.

I was reading about a white wood dye, or a white wash stain... whats the difference? And would this make it look chalky? Im not wanting a white wash effect. Moreso a natural, semi-bleached look.


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