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Growing clematis with climbing rose?

2 months ago

I have a New Dawn climbing rose that I planted last spring. It's planted about in the middle of a fence 15 foot long and 6 foot high - my plan is to grow it in a few layers up the 6 feet and then horizontally across as much of the fence as it will cover! I'd like to add more to the fence - was thinking another rose but then came across the idea of a clematis, which also appeals to me. But I'm trying to figure out the pruning process with two climbers growing together - am I going to have a mess on my hands?

I was thinking of Jackmanii Superba Clematis with the New Dawn. Jackmanii is group 3 so my understanding is it takes a hard prune in late winter, around when I'd be pruning the rose. But if it's all tangled up in the New Dawn, how does that work?

I'm new to roses and clematis, if you can't tell lol!!

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