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Choosing curtain and comforter colors

4 months ago

Hi everyone! I'm kind of torn on what color to choose for my bedding and curtains.

A few things I'm NOT looking for input on:

  • I have cord keepers for the wall sconces and will install and paint to match the back wall
  • I will trim the valences down to the right size on the faux wood blinds.
  • It's a WIP so there's random stuff (like the paint extension pole and stepstool)
  • The white stand in the lower/left of the photo is temporary
  • I have a mirror coming for the space above the chair, to the right of the window.

With all that said, the walls are Behr Stolen Kiss (a light pink shade) and the accent wall is Ben Moore Pacific Sea Teal. It's a deep inky green-black (stunning). I plan to paint the console table I'm building in the same shade (and it'll replace the white stand mentioned above). The light fixtures are IKEA manalg, so a rattan-look.

The room is 10x12, and the bed is a queen.

I have a comforter that matches those shams, but it's much more of a peachy shade, and I don't think it works with the pink walls. My nightstands and sheets are a creamy off-white, the bed is an oatmeal/linen shade.

I'm thinking I should get a comforter/quilt in a deeper beige or taupe but could see a charcoal (deep, deep grey but not black) working??

I'm also torn on sheers and if I should get ivory/cream or something more beige.

I am an early bird and love the light filtering into my space, so not looking for heavy curtains or light filtering. But think it looks a little unfinished with just the blinds up.

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