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Sanity Check: Broken Kitchen Sink Edition

Super Duper
2 months ago

Right. So I was cleaning a cast-iron pan and it punched a hole right through the side of my kitchen sink. $#@%!@!!! Not great.

Now, I'm faced with the prospect of involuntarily replacing said kitchen sink. I think I know what that must entail, but wanted to double-check that I am not missing something.

First, it's a stupid double-basin, corner-mounted drop-in.

Second, it's a stupid double-basin, corner-mounted drop-in that has been dropped in to a custom stainless steel countertop. Which is to say, all internal edges on the drop-in are exposed MDF.

Third, the sink itself appears to be discontinued and irreplacable -- unless you happen to live in the UK and have a Wayfair account. That is, it looks like you might be able to buy a replacement for this 25+-year-old sink here ( I'm in the US. They do not ship to the US. But it looks like this is the exact, replacement, sink. Which I can't get. AND which I do not want. Because I hate this f-ing sink. But if I could get it, I might persuade myself to accept it because....

Fourth, it appears that -- unless I get the exact same sink to replace the busted one with -- that I would need to replace the entire countertop in order to make another one work? Is that right? In other words, can't use another dropin unless it has the same (daffy) dimensions and can't in any event use an undermount because -- even if I could recut the dimensions of the cutout to fit the new sink -- the edges would be exposed MDF and not work, even for the most conceivably expansive definition of "work."

Fifth, @#$^@$@#%!

Sixth, here's the gut-check, I just want to be sure, my options are: (a) somehow create a cut-out in order to drop ship a replacement for the f-ing sink I hate from the UK to the US or (b) spend $$ to re-create my perfectly-good stainless steel countertop in the dimensions of whatever new replacement sink my dark heart might imagine. Is that right? Am I missing some third option? Is there no other way?

Many thanks. This is driving me nuts. Sigh.

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