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New build - how much did your stairs cost?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We are in the framing stage of construction but still don't know how much our stairs will cost or who will build them... waiting for quotes. Budget estimate is $16k but it's looking more like $20k. How much did those of you with stairs spend on them and what kind of design details did you go with?!

I think we have about 15 steps per level, including the landing, for U-shape layout. So about 30 steps total. We want white oak to match the flooring, I think open risers are out of budget. Thinking about doing cheaper for the level 1-0 basement portion if it can still look good. Like painted risers since they will only be visible coming up from the lower level.

Details like this make it hard to decide on other selections. The stairs will kind of cost however much they cost, sure we can do things like choosing painted risers instead of the oiled wood but the price can only go so low. Whereas most finishes and cabinetry is wildly flexible as there is such a huge range of what we can choose.

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