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How much did your remodel or renovation cost?

8 years ago

With the other thread asking whether people paid cash or took out loans, I was just curious how much it cost and what you got for it?

We built a new 12x12 kitchen onto our slab house, a new 12x15 covered back porch, both of which required modifying the roof line and reshingling that entire side. We converted the old back porch into a dining room with french doors out to the covered porch. We tore down 4 different sections of walls, put a breezeway off of the mudroom, expanded the mudroom and built a walk in pantry. The only thing we contracted out was the slab pour and the cabinets. Total cost so far has been about 27,000.
I feel like we have done really well to get so much for only 27,000 but I'm just curious what others have paid.

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