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My newest piece of Christmas decor

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Finally got this put together. I bought it last year and after failed attempts, asked my brother to come help. Well, he never did. So yesterday I decided to bring it up from the cellar and have another go. Watched a how-to video online and had no problem other than the legs seem a little wobbly to me despite my trying to turn the attaching piece as tight as I could. It's big!

I also bought the string of jingle bell lights to hang around his neck last year and should have bought two sets because when I went back to get another they were sold out. Since then, I've seen them online.

My only concern is the wind, someone suggested tent pegs and that sounds like a good idea. There are places behind each foot where a cord can be threaded through and attached to some anchoring. Hopefully he won't get stolen or another buck decides to fight! ha

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