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Veggie Tales >>> December 2023

vgkg Z-7 Va
3 months ago

Come on now folks, I can't be the only one with a Dec garden and I'm in Va. After a dip down to 19F last week we're having a milder time here, almost perfect for cole & root crops. Still picking collards, carrots, & turnips but the cabbages need more time. Another cold snap in the teens and that may do them in before they get hard headed.

Still raking up and storing leaves and pine needles for next season. Left about 30-40 persimmons in the tree top which were out of reach so the birds and squirrels will enjoy them as they soften up. I saw in the store where this same variety of persimmon are about $1.00 each, Yowie. These were from CA and noticeably smaller than ours. So what ya got growing out there?

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