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Instant Pot recipes and hacks for a new cook?

2 months ago

I'm getting a college girl who currently lives in a hybrid campus apartment which is like a dorm suite but with a kitchen. Five girls plus boyfriends all jostling for cooking time/space. She doesn't have a lot of prep time, but her mom has been teaching her to use the mom's 6 qt. instant pot, and I'm giving her the same model (to keep it easy) for Christmas. With it, she can cook anywhere there's a plug. :) The mom is a great cook. The girl, not so much, but she is a scientist and can follow directions. I've seen a lot of what looks like bad cooking done with this device. I have a similar Breville but only use it for pretty basic things. So, I'd love any wisdom you all would care to share.

Any cool stuff to share? T&T recipes?

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