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Induction Cooktop for Two Large Pans

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

We are looking to replace our 30" four-burner gas cooktop with induction and have quickly realized most 30" induction cooktops have hob configurations that cannot accommodate our daily cooking needs.

We routinely cook family meals with two large pans with 12" bottoms cooking side-by-side (Openings at top of pans are 14"). Online consensus suggests that pan bottoms should not be more than 1" larger than the induction cook field, so what we need is a cooktop with two, 11-12" side by side hobs. We do not need more than 4 cooking fields on the unit, as we rarely use more than 3 burners on our gas stove at once.

Can anyone recommend any 30" induction cooktop models that fit the bill?

*We are unfortunately limited to the 30" cooktop size due to kitchen cabinet restraints, and fact that we are not in a position to remodel the kitchen to step up to a larger 36" unit.

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