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Dormers - Takes the beauty away?

Theresa M
13 days ago

Hello everyone. Trying to get a sense from you all regarding dormers on our garage. Apologies in advance for the long post

Just to give you an idea about our home. It will in a community with $1.5M to $3M price range, quite large lots 2 to 3 acres of land. House will be built by a reasonably well known custom builder who has built homes in this price range. We are in the process of finalizing our plans with Builder's Architect. Architect has done a good job on having a very rough plan with symmetry and balance in mind.

House design is more of French chateau style with Gables on Garages, good slopes on the main part of the house etc. House is will be 4000 square feet plus. We have a court yard kind of entry at the front with two 2car garages on Left and right side of the house. Builder has mentioned that there is space over the garage that is engineered to be a livable space down the line whenever it is finished. Guess 250 Sq feet on each garage. While we may not need the space now, I am sure someone else can make use of that space (gym room, additional office etc) if we decide to sell it at a later point.

To make it really useful, we need to have a Dormer on both garages. With the way things are now with gables etc, the dormers will be off centered and will not be in the middle of the garage. What that means is that we need to place each dormer on the other side of the garages looking out/ not into the court yard.

Have couple of questions on the Dormers.

While I have seen Dormers on much expensive luxury home, sometimes I think it takes away some beauty from the overall look of the house. Also, it can be perceived as more of an added item stuck onto the house than part of it.

Cant decide :-) I agree that personal preferences will vary but trying to see what is everyone's thoughts and opinion?

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