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Good/aggressive New construction lawyer in NJ?

4 months ago
last modified: 22 days ago

HI all, hoping someone from NJ specifically Hunterdon county can help me. We recently built a house with James Babey of Van holten group and let's just say the builder to reduce his cost (im assuming/allegedly) didnt build as to plan- made things smaller than they should be, completely omitted things from the plans (had his architect, say that was just to show what it "could" look like on the plans), told us we would get credit for things if we didnt use them then denied the credit when we closed, on top of that he used soil that had tile pieces, granite chunks, glass and other debris from a hospital demo. we are not the only ones who had issues with him.

Does anyone know of a good lawyer who is an expert /specialty in construction law? DM me if your feel more comfortable. Much appreicated.

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