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Near White Daylilies 2023

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Share your photos of your white and near white daylilies here. Seedling photos are welcome in addition to pictures of registered cultivars. The next color will be orange and any shade of it including peach, melon or apricot on Thursday.

One of my best performing near whites from last season was White Ambrosia.

Single of White Ambrosia

Group of White Ambrosia

August Frost was probably my best near white clump.

Fancy Lace did really well in its first year to bloom.

Arctic Lace bloomed for a long time last season.

Lightning Round had some beautiful blooms, but it has not multiplied well.

Wonder of It All

August Frost X Winter's Angel

Zuzu's Treasure X Dearest Valentine #2


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