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Alocasia Cuprea (Red Secret) Overwatered?

Jacob Van Atts
3 months ago

So ive had this Cuprea for 6 months its been growing great, putting off new leafs that have been getting bigger and bigger, aside from two leaves that grew in crickled and with holes. They were not back to back so I assumed I had misted them and caused some kind of rot while they were unfurling. Now the plant has developed a spit on one leaf and yellowing on another. Im pretty sure this is the result of over watering. They are in a 12inch pot with coco fiber and a drainage layer, they also had a layer of sphagnum on top which was almost always dry even if the soil was moist. I know that literally sounds like a recepie for root rot but at the time I saw they like damp soil and acted up. Anyways, I began to try and uproot the plant but as i started to dig down I realized the roots seemed pretty healthy and seemed to spread through the pot (not filling the pot, just a good spread) It was hard to uproot and i dont wanna damage the plant more so i just scooped out as much of the top layer of damp coco fiber that was around the roots and replaced it with a dry potting mix that has perlite in it, as well as taking a skewer and penetrating into the drainage layer too hopfully get some air down to any lower roots. So what do yall think, Overwatered? Will my solution help?

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  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5
    3 months ago

    can we seee the whole plant.. including the pot..

    whre is it.. how much light.. how do you water.. when.. why...

    does your pot drain.. or what is a ' with coco fiber and a drainage layer '?

    pot in pot might be a solution ..

    do not water until the media is drying... whats the use of watering a damp pot??

    is it near the door.. where are you.. bigcity name.. is the furnace on.. does freezing temps come flooding in the door...etc..

    you explained what we see in the pix.. now we need info on all other plant culture variables...


  • Jacob Van Atts
    Original Author
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Oops Ken, sorry I had typed all that in my first draft but forgot about it in the second lol. The pot itself has no drainage but i did a two and a half inch of gravel layer covered by terrarium liner with just coco fiber in the pot. It is located under a grow light, in front of a mirror about 4 feet diagonally from a large north facing window, and about 15 feet from an average sized west facing window (South West Ohio). All windows get full exposure as I'm on the third floor, but direct light never hits its leaves.

    The plant had been in the basement all summer next to an east facing window with the adjacent wall being pretty much all glass facing north with good exposure to the north west. It was being watered pretty irregularly compared to my other plants as it stayed moister/ never WET (once every week and half or 2 weeks). I always check to make sure the first couple inches are dry before watering at the soil. I was fertilizing pretty much every water with a light dose and the plant has been growing and doing great save the leaf i accidently water boarded lol.

    When i realized the basement was getting colder and the new leaf that was sprouting seamed to be a little dryer and mishappen I moved it up to my room because i have a space heater to make sure my room stays warmer/ it is always way warmer than the rest of the house as its the highest point The temp and humidity are 77.2 F & 42%. The basements humidity was about 39% when i just checked it and temp depends pretty heavily on outside because of all the large windows.

    The move was a about a week and a half ago and i didn't notice any oddities (that were not previously mentioned) when i looked it over. But just the other day I noticed that spot on the leaf and the yellowing of the oldest/ smallest leaf. I think that should be all the pertinent info but let me know if i missed something else
    ( The leave with the spots and yellowing are the two furthest right. i've also just noticed they seem to not have responded to the light as much as the other leaves have, position wise)


  • Jacob Van Atts
    Original Author
    2 months ago

    Still waiting for someone to respond and give me some insight. The leaf has emerged and a new one is budding however ive noticed more of those marks developing on different leafs. Can someone please give me some tips before i lose the plant?