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Dead flies standing up keep appearing (away from plants/windowsills)

M. Staley
5 months ago

Hi there, slight variation on pest management, curious if others know:

Why do mature dead flies keep appearing regularly but standing up?

I've seen dead flies bunched up or fallen over or once in awhile

attached to a window. I'm curious about the standing up portion.

No sprays or gluestrips have been used and it just seems like

word has gotten around to die on the same sheet and on their feet.

Obviously washing/drying in an attempt to eradicate its enticement.

There's nothing rotten inside the mattress or anywhere else.

Not sure what other information may be helpful here, it's moderate

climate in Northern Colorado, and Senor Google is entirely unhelpful

regarding this ongoing phenomenon. We're talking several per day,

but no visible fly activity inside! On their feet, but not going anywhere.

Thanks, if you're able to shed any light on this.


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