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Cherry Laurel Shrubs damaged. What to do for winter.

Kerry P.
4 months ago

Hello All,

I have a special situation and I am not sure what to do. I have some Cherry Laurel shrubs in boxes. . I'm new at their care and I thought once a week watering was enough for them during the Summer. It wasn't. Some of their branches turned brown. The shrubs in the middle of the row lost the most probably due to the heat, wind, and less shade.

I cut off branches and most of these bushes have bounced back pretty well and have many leaves. Two of the bushes in the middle of the row, particularly one of them, are only growing back slowly. All of the shrubs have green leaves, but some of them are breaking at the ends.

We are getting more rain now. At the end of the Summer I was watering them 2 or 3 times a week. Now I am letting nature deal with the watering.

I thought that this wind or breeze that comes through this middle area of the row of shrubs might not be helping. I put a four sided piece of cardboard around the middle shrub, the one that has only about 10 leaves on it, to protect it. I feel bad about what happened. I feel pretty confident that most of the shrubs will be ok. But I am worried about the middle one or two. Will carboard help to protect it from a wind? Or is it something else that is leading to some leaf breakage and the few brown leaves that some of the shrubs have? Or is it nothing to worry about? What should I do? What kind of watering schedule should I have during the winter months? There are some small, very small, new leaves coming into the most damaged shrub. I just hope that it can make it through the winter.

Thank you for your help.

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