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Finding someone to build a greenhouse for me.

Julia SaintJohn
4 months ago

So, I bought this greenhouse and I loved it. I'm hooked on wanting a greenhouse. The first high winds (60 mile gusts) blow a few of the panels out. To put them back in requires you to take the whole thing apart. It took 3 adults and 4 hours to initially put together. Not fun. So it's now sitting inside the garage waiting for me to do just that.

I'd like to find someone that could use the panels and build another greenhouse for me. I have no skills at all. Not joking. I should say the cost of the panels is the cost of this greenhouse. If someone could build using the panels that would cut the cost. If they made the new greenhouse so the panels could be out back in after a storm that too would be great. I was thinking like picture frames. Just remove the molding and put the panels back or cut new ones if they're damaged. But not have to take the whole thing apart.

Any idea welcome. Thank you in advance.

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